Contributor Jack Hitt – on stage in NYC

by Ira Glass

“We have a lot of great talkers on our show but Jack Hitt stands out. I haven’t seen his one man show yet but if it’s anything like having dinner with Jack, it’ll be the most entertaining evening of theater ever created. He’s an amazing talker. Funny as hell, deeply curious about the world, and such a great raconteur that it feeds into every stereotype you’ve ever had about what it means to grow up in the south, which he did. Some of the stories he tells have been on the radio show which is fine by me, because some of the best things we’ve ever put on the air were Jack’s. His story about a Peter Pan production gone badly wrong, his account of his braggy super who claimed to be a former hitman (and then the claim turned out to be true), the story of the island of Nauru, his astonishingly enjoyable explanation of the writ of habeas corpus and Guantanamo, his search for the truth about his legendary Charleston neighbor Dawn Langley Hall Simmons, the Chicken Little opera, okay I’m tired of typing these out so I’ll stop there. You get the idea. I guess I’m saying, I’m very excited to see his show and you might like to see it also. It’s only playing for a limited time in a small space so you might want to act fast for tickets.”

Jack Hitt: Making Up the Truth
June 1-5
3LD Art and Technology Center
80 Greenwich Street

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