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Teachers Break

by Terrence McNally, 24 Hour Plays on Broadway
with Jason Butler Harner, Justin Long, Cynthia Nixon, Maura Tierney

A Slight Headache

Written and Performed by Alyson Pou, Photo credit: Jim Moore
Press: Metro News, Village Voice

The Hyacinth Macaw

by Mac Wellman, Theatre Outlet, Allentown PA

Chinese Art of Placement

Featuring: T. Scott Cunningham
Designers: Tyler Micoleau, Adam Stockhausen, Lea Umberger
Press: The New York Times

Fuddy Meers

by David Lindsay-Abaire, Juilliard School
with Erin Gann, Valerie Geffner, Damon Gupton, Quentin Mare, Rebecca Meyer, Yvonne Woods

Don’t Pet the Zookeeper

by Napoleon Ellsworth, with Denis Butkus and Julie Kline
Rising Phoenix Rep, 7th Street Small Space
Press:, NY Theatre Mike

52nd Street Project

Playmaking program
Playwrights: Doris Alcantara, Zakiya Jacob, Alex Kehr
Actors: Megan Cramer, Ned Eisenberg, Josh Hamilton, Frances McDormand, Frank Wood

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